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Give the gift of a smile
this Christmas

Support our Christmas Smiles Appeal and bring a smile to our patients.

This Christmas, we want to make sure there are toys for all the children spending Christmas at Evelina London Children’s Hospital. And we want to bring some Christmas joy to our adult patients who live at home alone.

Here you can make a donation which will go towards gifts such as toys, board games, arts and crafts sets or toiletries. You can also choose to donate on behalf of a loved one.

All of our presents have been specially selected by our play specialists and hospital staff so you can be sure they will bring a smile this Christmas.

Donating to our Christmas Smiles Appeal means we can fund life-saving equipment, life-changing research and better facilities – above and beyond what the NHS can provide.

Please choose a gift below and make our patients smile this Christmas.

A fantastic way for our supporters to make a difference. Get started by choosing a gift from our wish list!



Price: £190.00

Helps distract children while they’re having procedures like blood tests or ha...

Light up and musical toy

Price: £9.00

This fun toy stimulates the senses and distracts young patients during treatment...

Board game

Price: £35.00

Providing hours of fun and allowing families in hospital to spend quality time t...

Fleecy blanket

Price: £17.00

To keep our youngest patients extra cosy.

Cancer workshop

Price: £90.00

Support for 10 cancer patients, providing guidance and counselling following dia...

Communication box

Price: £45.00

Perfect for young patients who feel anxious or uncomfortable.

Portable Hospital Playset

Price: £50.00

Easing children’s fears of hospital in a fun and interactive way.

Women’s toiletries

Price: £28.00

Ideal for housebound patients we visit in the community.

Complementary therapy session

Price: £37.00

Helping a cancer patient relax and manage pain and anxiety.

Men’s toiletries set

Price: £28.00

Ideal for housebound patients we visit in the community.

Cosy gift set

Price: £30.00

A blanket and socks gift to help housebound patients stay warm.

Art & craft set

Price: £25.00

A fun activity for children of all ages.

Portable DVD player

Price: £65.00

Bringing a bit of normality into hospital life.

Ray Rabbit Medical Doll

Price: £230.00

Helps to ease a child’s fears and prepare them for upcoming procedures and tre...


Price: £5.00

Bring a smile to a child’s face.

Sensory hurricane tube

Price: £160.00

Creating a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

Pop up toy

Price: £45.00

This fun toy stimulates hand-eye coordination, muscle strength and colour recogn...

A fantastic way for companies, clubs or groups of friends to support us. Get started by choosing a special gift bundle!


Medical doll

Price: £1600.00

Custom education doll used to explain procedures to our youngest patients. And a...

Hi-tech bundle

Price: £800.00

A great package of gifts for teenage patients – bringing some normality to hos...

Construction bundle

Price: £400.00

This gift can provide hours of stimulating construction play for children at Eve...

Sensory bundle

Price: £1200.00

This range of specialist equipment can create a stimulating environment for chil...

How it works

Ordering your gift couldn’t be easier with our simple
four step process

one or more gifts to show your support or donate on behalf of family and friends.

a personalised eCard or request a printed Christmas card to send to the recipient of your gift.

your order in a few clicks.

a patient smile this Christmas.